MYSTERIES AND HISTORIES was Wes' final book in the 1990s. Released in 1997 the book contains 17 historical narratives of true adventures on the Great Lakes. The text focuses largely on the era of wooden lakeboats with a peppering of the Victorian era steel giants. Containing 295 pages as well as rare and never before published photos and drawings it is Wes' longest book to date.

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GHOST SHIPS, GALES AND FORGOTTEN TALES is Wes' fourth book and came out in 1995. Running 212 pages the book details the famed Great Lakes "whaleback" vessels as well as wrecks of sand-suckers, passenger vessels and the huge steel giants of the Victorian era. If you are traveling to Whitefish Point and see the massive wooden rudder on display there, you will find its story here- in the greatest of detail. As is Wes' trademark, you will find that there is no fiction in this book- all of the stories are true, highly documented and researched. There are 11 historical narratives in this book along with rare photos, drawings and maps.

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ICE WATER MUSEUM was released in 1993 and was Wes' third book in three years. In its 180 pages it contains 11 highly researched historcial narratives of true Great Lakes adventures and shipwrecks as well as previously un-published artwork and photographs along with maps. The stories run from as early as 1875 to 1992.

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SOUNDS OF DISASTER, released in 1993 is Wes' second book. It contains one dozen true tales of lakeboat disasters and the people involved. It runs 134 pages long with maps, photos and drawings.

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STORMY SEAS was Wes Oleszewski's first book and it was released in 1991. It contains 17 true tales of the lakeboats and their crews as well as maps and drawings.

The book was reprinted twice and finally combines with the text of SOUNDS OF DISASTER and re-titled STORMY DISASTERS.

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