Wes is working on book #15!

That's right folks, author Wes Oleszewski has been working on his 15th book of Great Lakes maritime historical narratives. The book will consist of true Great Lakes shipwreck tales and the deadline for the manuscript to be delivered to Avery Color Studios is the end of October 2012. The release for the book will be the spring of 2013. Watch for your copy here: http://averycolorstudios.com/Books/Wes-Oleszewski.html
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ALL HANDS ON DECK is Wes' 14th book on true Great Lakes adventures. The text includes the tales of the steamer VERNON, and Cops... in old time Oswego, the wreck of the schooner GOLD HUNTER, plus the daring rescue of two schooners and a steamer outside of Milwaukee, and some updated chapters from his now out-of-print books. There is also the story of a would-be thief and his late night plunder of a stranded schooner that did not go as planned. Included in the book is the modern day story of a new born little lady of the lakes and her Christening aboard the newest Coast Guard cutter on the fresh water seas. At length the book takes you into an 1835 mystery and lets you, the reader decide the final outcome. Like all of Wes' books, this one is highly researched and detailed with historical facts- there is no fiction. There is, instead, historical narrative that will put you the reader right there- at that point in time. The book is 180 pages long and rich in photos, drawings and maps.

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SHIPWRECKS & RESCUES is Wes' triskaidekaphobic book in that it comes after his 12th. Released in 2008, the book details the wreck of the OHIO in 1859 on Lake Erie as well as the 1879 distress of the Wm. B. PHELPS on Lake Michigan. It also includes the 1879 Lake Huron saga of the JACOB BERTSCHY plus the 1895 chiller of the crew of the MISSOULA on Lake Superior. As an added bonus the book contains several updated stories from Wes's out-of-print earlier books such as the solution to the mystery of recently discovered HOMER WARREN wreck in Lake Ontario. But that is not all, this book is garnished with short stories as well. The book runs 182 pages long and is peppered with drawings and historical photos that blend with the historical narrative. As is Wes' trademark- this book contains no fiction, the details are documented and cross-checked and if there is no firm documentation, the author tells you so.

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GREAT LAKES GHOST STORIES is the only book that Wes ever wrote that does not contain fully documented historical facts- primarily because it is nearly impossible to document a ghost story! The publisher specifically asked for the ghost "stories" that people had shared with Wes at his book signings, speaking engagements and visits to sites around the lakes. Thus, these tales are hear-say, yet chilling all the same. These are good stories to read around the camp fire, or while on a vacation road-trip to the lakes. Just don't read it when you are home alone, in the dark, on a stormy night... we cannot be responsible for the chills. The book contains 11ghostly tales and runs 167 pages long with drawings and maps.

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TRUE TALES OF GHOSTS AND GALES is Wes' 2003 production of Great Lakes maritime historical narratives. The book begins with the haunting tale of the IRONSIDES wreck on Lake Michigan in 1873 and the haunting voice that is heard crying out across the lake in the same area to this day. There is also the story and photos of two wooden shipwrecks that rest on the beach of Lake Huron right now. A look into the past finds the saga of a female cook who was left behind on a Lake Ontario shipwreck in 1878, and why. In all there are198 pages and 11 true tales garnished with photos of shallow water wrecks from the past and maps of where to find the adventures that Wes documents.

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By 2001 Wes' first two books, STORMY SEAS and SOUNDS OF DISASTER that were published in the first years of the 1990s had gone out of print. The publisher decided to allow Wes to up-date the material then they combined the two texts into this book; STORMY DISASTERS. The book contains 29 historical narratives of Great Lakes maritime adventures. There is no fiction here- every story is documented and true. The book runs 200 pages long and contains maps and historical drawings and photos.

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KEEPERS OF VALOR was released in 2000. It contains 252 pages of stories documenting shipwrecks and the heroic actions of people who "kept the valor." The book is rich in the actions of the United States Life-Saving Service on the lakes as well as ordinary citizens who took it upon themselves to act and save the lives of others. The book contains historic photos and accurate maps of the events.

In 2003 the publisher decided to re-cover, re-title and re-release the book as GREAT LAKES SHIPWRECKS & LIGHTHOUSES.

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While Wes was assembling and researching his best-selling book GREAT LAKES LIGHTHOUSES AMERICAN AND CANADIAN he came across a large number of adventure stories that were related to lighthouses. He placed those stories in among the listings of lighthouses. When the publisher heard that they said "Take 'em out, we only want a listings book." So, Wes took the stories out and when the publisher asked to have the stories put back in, Wes said "No way, they're going to be in another book,"  and LIGHTHOUSE ADVENTURES is that book. Published in 1999 the book is 208 pages long and contains 15 historical narrative stories that are all factual- there is no fiction here. The book is very rich in historical photos and highly detailed line drawings from historic Federal records as well as maps. It is a must-have for any person who is interested in lighthouses on, or off the Great Lakes.

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Originally published in 1998 this book was fully up-dated in 2010. GREAT LAKES LIGHTHOUSES AMERICAN AND CANADIAN is Wes' first best-seller. The book contains a complete listing of every lighthouse on the Great Lakes. The text is laid out in journal style so that you can check off and denote each lighthouse when you visit it. Each listing tells the year the light was established, a photo of it, its status, its location, its type, its accessibility, facts about the light and instructions on how to get to it. The lights are listed by lake. As a bonus, each chapter has a short informational story about some aspect of one of its lights. The book has three lights per page and is more than 200 pages long.

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