While Wes was assembling and researching his best-selling book GREAT LAKES LIGHTHOUSES AMERICAN AND CANADIAN he came across a large number of adventure stories that were related to lighthouses. He placed those stories in among the listings of lighthouses. When the publisher heard that they said "Take 'em out, we only want a listings book." So, Wes took the stories out and when the publisher asked to have the stories put back in, Wes said "No way, they're going to be in another book,"  and LIGHTHOUSE ADVENTURES is that book. Published in 1999 the book is 208 pages long and contains 15 historical narrative stories that are all factual- there is no fiction here. The book is very rich in historical photos and highly detailed line drawings from historic Federal records as well as maps. It is a must-have for any person who is interested in lighthouses on, or off the Great Lakes.

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