ALL HANDS ON DECK is Wes' 14th book on true Great Lakes adventures. The text includes the tales of the steamer VERNON, and Cops... in old time Oswego, the wreck of the schooner GOLD HUNTER, plus the daring rescue of two schooners and a steamer outside of Milwaukee, and some updated chapters from his now out-of-print books. There is also the story of a would-be thief and his late night plunder of a stranded schooner that did not go as planned. Included in the book is the modern day story of a new born little lady of the lakes and her Christening aboard the newest Coast Guard cutter on the fresh water seas. At length the book takes you into an 1835 mystery and lets you, the reader decide the final outcome. Like all of Wes' books, this one is highly researched and detailed with historical facts- there is no fiction. There is, instead, historical narrative that will put you the reader right there- at that point in time. The book is 180 pages long and rich in photos, drawings and maps.

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