SHIPWRECKS & RESCUES is Wes' triskaidekaphobic book in that it comes after his 12th. Released in 2008, the book details the wreck of the OHIO in 1859 on Lake Erie as well as the 1879 distress of the Wm. B. PHELPS on Lake Michigan. It also includes the 1879 Lake Huron saga of the JACOB BERTSCHY plus the 1895 chiller of the crew of the MISSOULA on Lake Superior. As an added bonus the book contains several updated stories from Wes's out-of-print earlier books such as the solution to the mystery of recently discovered HOMER WARREN wreck in Lake Ontario. But that is not all, this book is garnished with short stories as well. The book runs 182 pages long and is peppered with drawings and historical photos that blend with the historical narrative. As is Wes' trademark- this book contains no fiction, the details are documented and cross-checked and if there is no firm documentation, the author tells you so.

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